The Process is broken down into 4 easy steps:

You Make Your Request So We Can Discuss Specifics:

  • Click on the Send A Request! button at the top of the website, fill out your request.

  • We contact you to discuss your desired vehicle, your ideal time to purchase, how you plan to pay (loan through your banking institution, credit union, or cash), if you have a trade-in, and any outstanding balance on your trade-in.

We Search - You Decide:

  • We search lease and rental return companies, dealer only auctions nationwide, as well as local dealer trade-ins. If it is a new vehicle you want, we have relationships with many franchise dealerships where we negotiate on new vehicle purchases. 

  • Our search results are sent via email for your review, feedback, and/or your selection(s) based on priority of choice.

  • Upon your decision, we discuss the offer for payment as well as warranty and transportion details should we complete the purchase. We offer extended warranties which may include maintenance and/or complete mechanical coverage. These can be from 2-7 years with an option to continue month to month once the initial term is expired.

We Purchase And Process For Delivery:

  • Your selection is purchased and transported to our area to be inspected for any kind of repairs it might need. Repairs could include: PDR-paintless dent  repair (door dings), replacing tires, and/or the windshield, buffing out scratches, complete detailing of the inside and out, state inspection, floor mats, and license plate holders, etc.

  • The timing for this step is usually within a week's time or less.

  • While your car is being prepared for delivery, we take care of the remaining details on the loan. 

  • This is also the stage we market your trade-in to other dealers to bring you the highest return.

We Deliver, You Test Drive, And Sign Upon Satisfaction:

  • Once your vehicle is ready, we will deliver it to you for a test drive, prior to signing the paperwork.  We would not sell a vehicle to you in a condition we would not want to own ourselves.

  • Everything we know about the vehicle will be disclosed to you prior to your purchase. No vehicle has ever been returned or rejected as we are careful to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to us purchasing your car or truck. 

  • We then have your vehicle titled and registered.

  • You will receive your permanent plates usually within 30 days. 


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